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Saturday, August 5, 2017

3 tips on packing

You can primary identify someone by the looks , the clothes , color, skin texture , postures and etc all those externally brand one person. By the looks this person is either welcoming , available and reliable or not. Thus goes to packaging.  The outer looks of your product can make the customer think it's important to take a look or not. When he or she think it's important to take a closer look on the outside which convinces him or her  " i must take this " .
Convince the customers
Branding is not a merely things that you take slightly.  Putting a decesive thought on your customer to think the importance of the product in his or her life.  From package color (green, black, white, orange, blue, purple, yellow,brown ,Magenta and Turquoise) lebeling. If it a container, box or bag ( plastic,  paper , cloth) .
Promote the brand
  launching of product though it's growth to its mature stage of sales and finally decline .declination this stage that customers get used to your product.  They no longer need your product in their life becouse they have new better choice to buy. So rebranding your packaging will save you .the similar product but different looks .
Preserve the damages
The product you sale will demand what kind of packaging to use. You can't pack a fresh product in a box . But you can pack a cloth in a box or plastic bag. This depend on your packaging costs. The value of the product is determined by its package